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Asus VS247H-P 24-Inch Full-HD LED-Lit Monitor

Product Description

ASUS VS247H-P - 23.6" 1920x1080 Full HD - Slim Form Factor with Built-in Power Adapter - Corporate Stable Model and EPEAT Gold Certified - LED Backlight with 50,000,000:1 ASCR. Response time for monitor is 5ms.

  • Slim Form Factor - Brand new Slim and Elegant design; Built-in Power Adapter; VESA Mountable
  • Signal Input: HDMI, D-Sub, DVI-D
  • Power ON: < 33W; Power Saving Mode: < 0.5W; Power Off Mode: < 0.5W
  • Versatile viewing positions with Smart View Technology
  • Excellent Visual - LED Backlit with 50,000,000:1 ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio; Full 1080P with HDMI; Response Time: 2 ms (Gray to Gray)

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Asus VS247H-P 24-Inch Full-HD LED-Lit Monitor