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ViewSonic VA2406M-LED 24-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor

Product Description

frameless design widescreen monitor with up to 40% energy savings compared to a

The ViewSonic VA2406m-LED features a LED backlight 24" (23.6"viewable) thin bezel widescreen monitor with integrated speakers. Environmentally friendly mercury-free design offers Full HD 1920x1080 resolution, 10,000,000:1 MEGA Dynamic Contrast Ratio, DVI and VGA inputs, 5ms response time, VESA mountable glossy finish design. The auto aspect ratio adjust feature automatically senses the input signal and will not stretch a 4:3 signal but instead will position the image in the middle of the screen with side bars. 3-year limited warranty, ENERGY STAR certification, along with one of the industry's best pixel policies and energy saving Eco-mode make the VA2406m-LED a great long-term investment choice.

Key Features:

  • 24" (23.6" viewable) widescreen LED backlit monitor; great value for small office, home office applications, corporations, government and education
  • Up to 50% power savings over a traditional CCFL 24" monitor
  • 1080p Full HD resolution with 16:9 aspect ratio for perfect image reproduction
  • Connectivity options with DVI with HDCP and VGA inputs
  • Multimdedia enriched with integrated stereo speakers
  • 100mm x 100mm VESA compliant for wall mount or monitor stands
  • Highest grade panel with one of the best pixel performance policies in the industry
What is a LED monitor?

The term "LED monitor" generally refers to a monitor with a LCD panel and a LED backlight. A typical LCD monitor uses cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL) as a light source to illuminate the LCD panel. In an LED backlit monitor, white LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are used as the light source. Environmentally friendly LED backlights provide the following benefits:

  • About 50% less power consumption compared to traditional CCFL monitor
  • 10,000,000:1 MEGA Dynamic Contrast Ratio
  • Environmentally friendly mercury-free backlight
  • Low EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference
  • Slimmer design
  • Weight reduction
  • Save cash and save the planet

    With its mercury free backlight and low energy consumption, the ENERGY STAR certified VA2406m-LED is not only environmentally friendly but also friendly on your electricity bill. The savings of LED can add up to thousands of dollars saved for large install bases, such as big corporate buildings or schools. The savings can be as dramatic as $20,000 in five years!

    MEGA dynamic contrast ratio

    One of the great features of VA2406m-LED is its ability to dim the backlight completely for pure darkness during dark scenes, such as a night shot in a movie. Contrast ratios refer to the ratio of the brightest color to the darkest color. With traditional CCFL backlit displays, contrast ratios are limited to the fluorescent lamp's ability to dim, in order to reproduce darkness. However, with the LED backlight, each LED has the ability to completely shut-off allowing for a near infinite ratio of black to white contrast. The end result is true blacks that result in greater overall image quality.

    Full HD 1080p resolution

    The VA2406m-LED features a 24"(23.6" viewable) widescreen with 1920x1080 resolution is capable of displaying a native Full HD 1080p image. Today, devices that can display Full HD content output are getting more and more common. However, without a native Full HD display, you will not be able to experience the picture clarity and the details of the 1080p content you view.

    Pair it with a ViewSonic or Mac computer

    One of the key advantages of the VA2406m-LED monitor is its diverse connectivity options, making it flexible to be paired with a PC or a Mac computer. Now you can hook up any Viewsonic PC as well as a MacBook or a Mac Mini to the VA2406m-LED and enjoy a full 24" (23.6" viewable) widescreen with LED backlight!

    VESA mountable

    The VA2406m-LED features a 100mm x 100mm VESA mountable design that allows you to mount it on a monitor stand or on a wall, depending on your specific needs. You can detach the base easily by unscrewing four screws and then mounting the display on its new stand or wall mount.

    Eco-mode for up to 35% energy savings*

    ViewSonic's proprietary Eco-mode function comes standard with the VA2406m-LED. When you don't need all of the powerful features the VA2406m-LED has to offer, you have the option to reduce the monitor's brightness, save energy, save the planet and prolong the lamp life. You can select one of the "Optimize" or "Conserve" options and save up to 35%* energy. Especially under low ambient light conditions, adjusting the brightness will improve visibility by reducing eye fatigue. Reducing brightness will also prolong the monitor's lamp life, improving your return on investment. *Energy savings may vary based on actual usage and other factors.

    Industry leading pixel performance guarantee and 3 year limited warranty

    One of the aspects that make ViewSonic a market leader in displays is its commitment to quality. LCD panels are produced in factories and as everything else, they may have flaws too. One of the flaws of an LCD panel is a dead pixel, bright or dark. Some panels will have no dead pixels while others will have one or two or more. When LCD display manufacturers build their monitors, they will have the option to use different grade panels with different tolerance levels for numbers of dead pixels. ViewSonic is committed to use the highest grade panels and offer one of the best pixel performance policy in the market. We also back our displays with 3-year limited warranty for your peace of mind.

    What's in the box:
    • LED Monitor
    • Power Cable
    • D-Sub video Cable
    • Audio Cable
    • Quick Start Guide
    • ViewSonic Wizard CD-ROM
    Other features:

    Corporate names & trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective companies. Copyright 2012 ViewSonic Corporation. All rights reserved.

    • 24" (23.6 Vis) Full HD 1080p LED
    • 10M:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
    • Integrated stereo speakers
    • 16:9 Aspect Ratio
    • Automatic Aspect Ratio Adjustment

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