Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Kitchen Pendants and a Circa Goodman Substitute

Along with what seems like every other decorator on the planet, I love Circa Lighting's Goodman cone pendants. The prices rance from about $400 to $900 each depending on the finish. They are so gorgeous:

(all images via Circa's Blog)

When I was deciding on pendants for our little kitchen remodel (both in size and in budget), I really wanted something like those from Circa. If only these paper shade cone pendants from Shades of Light existed at the time! Maybe for our next house :)

For our kitchen though we ended up with these black/oil-rubbed bronze pendants from Home Depot (of all places!). I wasn't even looking for pendants that trip to the HD, but they sang out to me from across the light bulb aisle.

I bought three on the spot for about $75 each, which is a pretty great deal, I think.

We love how they look with the newly painted cabinets and they work great - so no regrets here for going the inexpensive route this time.

Where did you buy your kitchen sconces?