Monday, April 8, 2013

Studying Malachite

Last year, I worked with Sherwin-Williams on their National Painting Week campaign and I was assigned the color purple. I chose a soft shade of lilac to make a faux inlay effect on my daughters' vanity dresser. (Here's that post).

 photo duquettemal7_rect540.jpg
Malachite painting from the one and only Tony Duquette

This year, I was thrilled to work with Sherwin-Williams again and I thought it would be a good opportunity to try another faux painting technique. My color is green this year, so of course there was only one option: malachite.

 photo 9181_1328492152_8.jpg
Antique inlay box from 1st Dibs

 photo l226_1.jpg
Lamps from 1st Dibs

 photo hutton-wilkinson-malachite-400tc-pillowcases-standard-d-20130225150754493193159_689.jpg

 photo x.jpg
Console from 1st Dibs

 photo MalachiteConsoleFramedarthungabovemalachitebTFNQFFIP1el.jpg
Lonny console

 photo 36899_in_xl.jpg

 photo MalachiteWallpaperMalachitewallpaperentrywaykOvCknQFTDml.jpg
Lonny wallpaper

 photo viaeverythingLEB459508586680615844NYUzOswc.jpg

These were some of the images I referenced before starting my project (and I'll be honest - it was a little intimidating to tackle this one, but it ended up being a breeze!). I decided to do a bit of a bluer shade, like the colors in this Celerie Kemble chair, but just a tad more green.

 photo Kemble-078.jpg

Before I started, I also looked at the techniques other DIYers have tried. Here's a little round up of the posts that were super helpful to me:

 photo faux-malachite-boxes-tutorcopy.jpg
Malachite boxes via The Aestate (a seriously awesome blog)

 photo burlapandlaceIMG_0839.jpg
Inspired by The Aestate's tutorial, a cute tray via Burlap and Lace

 photo viamimosalaneDSC_0722.jpg
Also this one, via Mimosa Lane

 photo fauxpainting2.jpg
Malachite mats via Everything LEB

 photo photo-14copy.jpg

 photo DSCN4238.jpg
Faux malachite lamps via Gorgeous Shiny Things

 photo IMG_2017_rect540.jpg
Faux Malachite walls via Apartment Therapy

 photo drawerknobs3.jpg

 photo a-FAUX-MALACHITE-KNOBS-640x468.jpg
Faux malachite knobs via Teal and Lime

This scan below from a vintage book of faux painting techniques was an interesting read. I ended up doing something very similar for my project. 

 photo chapmaninteriorsblogFauxpaintmalachite.jpeg
Malachite painting technique via Chapman Interiors

My photos and tutorial will be posted next Monday and I can't wait to share. There are 13 other design bloggers posting their projects all next week too. It's going to be an amazing week of colorful befores and afters! :)