Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tiger Chest

 photo DSC_0237.jpg

I've mentioned before how thrift stores can be hit or miss in NYC. I get it though. Real estate here is so expensive, they have to really hike those prices up to cover the rent. So I usually don't have high expectations for great deals if I'm popping in to shop. (By the way, I recommend any of the Housing Works locations, the Salvation Army way over on 11th Ave and the Angel Store Thrift on 17th.) For the most part you can expect to find something like this. The tag here read "Pink chair in the Eames style, Broken leg. As-is, $195" Like, what? You can buy them new for less. Who's going to pay that for a busted up knock-off?

 photo IMG_1883.jpg

Yet, just a few feet away from the overpriced broken chair was this Tigery beauty. Price: $200 on the dot.

 photo IMG_1984copy.jpg

This type of wood and finish is practically my favorite thing in the world. I love-lurve-luff the pattern in the grain. I don't even know what species the wood it is - looks too smooth to be oak. Crotch mahogany? Maple?

 photo 2DSC_0269.jpg

So then I did what any other hardcore thrifter would do. I threw angry glances of warning to the shoppers around me and flung my body over the thing while I spent five full minutes carefully prying off the clear mailing tape they used to secure the price tag (??). Then I happily hustled to the train to go pick up my car and bring this baby back home with me.

 photo DSC_0256-1.jpg

The chest replaced the pink wire console for now, which went on the back porch - and I love it there. I'm still trying to figure out the rest of the office, but I think we're getting there. I love this big brass lamp here that I pulled out of the lamp graveyard in the basement. A big desk project is happening this week (more on that Monday), and I think a new rug will really help.

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HAPPY WEEKEND! I hope you're having a great one! xo